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diy lip scrub.


2015-01-23_0008(pinterest inspired)

super simply recipe for a scrub to smooth your lips – perfect this time of year.  best part is you most likely have all the ingredients right in your kitchen.

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp white sugar

1 tbsp honey

½ tbsp olive oil (can use cocunt oil also)

mix all the ingredients.  place in a small container.

apply to lips and massage it for 30 seconds or so and wipe off.

instantly smoother lips!

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pumpkin painting.



pretty simple way to modernize pumpkins.  i just used blue trim tape and painted – simple as that! (and a round sponge brush for the dots!)


do it yourself

lemon plant!


so about 6 weeks ago, i decided to try to grow a lemon plant.  i realize that to actually get a tree would take forevvvvver, but i thought i would go for a plant, since i just don’t have enough in my house as it is!!  (being sarcastic!)

i bought a bunch of lemons and cut them up.


it is a time consuming job, but i picked out all the seeds i could find.  i figured it would be better to have more than less, in hopes of something sprouting!


i soaked the seeds overnight.  they had a clear, filmy covering, so the soaking helped remove the skin.

photo copy

i planted probably 20-25 seeds.  put the pot in the sun and waited.  watered.  waited.  watered.  and waited.  i thought about dumping it and trying something else, but didn’t!


guess what….this week i have 6 teeny tiny sprouts popping up!

bffb538ea6b911e2a9de22000a1f92c9_6i will keep you posted on the process but for now i am pretty excited that my patience made it worth the wait!

happy wednesday :)

do it yourself

friendship bracelet valentines.


an email went out this year from teachers, asking parents to send healthy treats for birthdays.  in my opinion, this is good and bad.  good because i don’t think my kids need any more sugar and i understand if this may be a disservice to the teachers having to deal with crazed sugar-high students.  bad because your birthday is ONLY once a year and bringing cookies, cupcakes, etc is just fun and what makes the day extra special.

either way, it is what it is.  i am not going to fight it, like i said, i am okay with my kids not having any extra sugar!  but now we are approaching valentines day.  and it got me thinking…am i going to receive an email about no candy?  or is this an exception?  who knows!

so i decided to play it safe and do a non-sweet craft with the kids!  and who DOESN’T love friendship bracelets?  i have 4 on my wrist right now from some pretty spectacular kids!

these are super easy, just a little time consuming!


i printed out the ‘message’ on cardstock.  then i used a scalloped scissors + just cut around the circles.


the kids definitely helped with making the bracelets and we kept it simple by doing a basic braid.


we hole punched on each side and thread the bracelets through!  simple!  my kids still need to sign each one, but that is the easy part!


if you need more info on these valentines, contact me!!!

do it yourself / i like this