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easton says…


cason walks in the front door from his sleepover…

easton: ‘cason how did you do at your sleepover?!’

cason: ‘ha! i did good buddy’


while i am going through our new luggage and pulling suitcases out of suitcases…

easton: ‘mom you are a position!’

me: ‘easton, i think you mean magician!’

these kids melt me.

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my favorite mom moments


me: so what do you want to be when you grow up?

cason: a dad

me: awww really?!  how many kids would you like to have?

cason:  i think two.  2 boys because i can play sports with them.  maybe 2 boys and 1 girl actually.

me: what do you want your wife to be like?  athletic?  smart?  funny?

cason:  just like you mom

and yes, i did completely melted into a pile of mush!

cason harris / just sayin'

the stuff he says that has me melt.


“when i grow up, i want to be a mommy!”

“you’re not my dad!”  (he saw this on a show recently)

“flowers for the ladies”  as he puts his sisters chrome book around his neck and mimics the flower guy at the mexican restaurant we patron!

“i missed you too mom, i am going to keep you FOREVER!” when i squeezed him up at the airport upon our arrival home…

easton – age 4.5

i really need to document more of what is said around here, because it is some of my absolute favorite things to remember!

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