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week 2 + 3 of 52 weeks of film.



2016-01-25_0012 2016-01-25_0013 2016-01-25_0014 2016-01-25_0015

last week we took a girls trip to California…one of my favorite places.  we rented a jeep (which as always been a dream of mine!) biked around venice beach, dined al fresco, stayed in LA, walked the stars, hiked around the griffith observatory and checked out the hollywood sign, headed to palm springs (MY FAV), lounged around the Parker, ate tacos, shopped the design district, fell in love with the most amazing succulent garden ever, shopped some more, ate truffle burgers and truffle fries and witnessed my oldest get her first tattoo.  it was a lot of fun!!  the best part was that some friends who we met through instagram spent the whole time with us!

i decided to bring a ton of film and shot as much as i could in order to make advantage of the warmer temps and gorgeous colors.

i am still working on metering.  seems that my rolls contain A LOT of under exposed images.  so to be honest, since back home, i haven’t picked up my camera sadly.  i am not blown away by any of these images necessarily BUT i do love the tones.  no matter what i do with digital, you just can’t get the creaminess that you can with film.

shot on pentax 645n and with ektar 100 film.

ella kate / let's getaway / shot on film / taylor rae

getting filmy over here. 1/52



this past fall i decided i needed something new.  something to scratch that creative itch and get inspired again to shoot.  not sure if it was the best timing with heading into gloomy days and minimal hours of daylight, but i bought a film camera.  and thanks to an amazing film expert friend, i was on my way.  simple right?  well, more like super intimating and new and scary and to be honest..expensive!

a workshop and tons of researching later…here i am.  feeling pretty clueless and a little discouraged at the moment, but hey…i am going to commit to something new.  my 2016 goal is to pick up my film camera daily or as often as i can and posting my scans each week.  they will not be perfect, they will not be edited but they will be me learning and me trying.  and i think that is a good start.

so here we go.  week 1 of 52.  i was successful with picking up my camera daily (yay!) but i wasn’t thrilled with any of the images (partly because time of year partly my metering was off) but i spent the second week in california which has a lot more sunlight and color and have my fingers crossed that i was a bit more successful…if not, this might be a short lived project!

camera: pentax 645n  film: portra 400


easton mike / shot on film

st augustine.


i took my film camera along on our trip to florida to take advantage of the weather and get some practice in.  i was testing out a few different kinds of film here.  i am kinda hooked on this process and the end result!

121415 2015-12-15_0055 2015-12-15_0056 2015-12-15_0057 2015-12-15_0058

easton mike / let's getaway / shot on film