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the helmet.


easton has been having a bit a hard time transitioning into this whole idea of school.  thank goodness for him being my 4th or i would be a basket case and cry in the parking lot after he clutches onto me as i try to leave.  we hug, kiss, say goodbye and wave out the window through his cries.  i know he is okay and this is okay.  it is just a big adjustment for him.

he has been eyeing this helmet up every time we are at target.  today he was promised a trip to target to buy this helmet IF he was happy at school.  the goodbye was far less tears than before and his teacher reported only 5 minutes of crying after i left.  hooray easton!

this helmet was not taken off today.  images not included in this post: the mall, dinner out, a late night flash light walk and while reading before bed!

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