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a time hop from 2 years ago.  cason age 7 – these are the moments that make parenting the best job ever!

and a sincere thank you to each and every one of you for all the support on yesterdays post.  i am so humbled…(and thrilled by how many people stop by my blog!)  details for the ‘restart’ sessions have been sent.  please email me if you are still interested!

hitting the restart button.

i want to photograph your family

somewhere between all the workshops, pdfs, hashtags and photo blogs, i lost my free spirited love for photography.  it seemed i started to shoot worrying about all the rules and fell into the classic routine of what was safe and comfortable.  that spark that had once been there as i picked up my camera had now just become another shot.  i was struggling to get that wow factor that i so dearly wanted.  so i continued with safe and to me, rather blah.

then, last week i attended a workshop.  a workshop i never dreamed i would attend.  after reading review after review and each person stating what a game changer this was for them, i knew i had to make this happen.  long story short, best investment in me ever.  this was exactly what i needed.  after a full day with yan palmer and some amazing fellow photographers, i got the push i needed.  i learned a ton.  i discovered so much about myself AND the best part, i left feeling completely inspired and motivated to actually do what i need to do to get where i want to be.  it was just awesome!

with all that said, i need something from you.  if you are in the milwaukee area and would love to book a family session, contact me.  or pass on my info to someone who is interested in a family session.  i am looking for 5-7 interested families to photograph and will be heavily discounting my session fee.  you will get all the images, i just ask that you relax and let me do my thing!

it is a tad scary putting something like this out there as i may get crickets, but i gotta start somewhere!  i will hunt down my ideal clients if it comes to that – but if you are a family, and all LOVVVVVe each other most days, enjoy dressing your children for these events, have a home that you love + love spending time in and if you can follow directions, please contact me!   even if you are not all of the above, contact me for the details!

ready?  go!




my favorite part about having several kids is seeing them interact and love on each other. walking in on these moments, make it all worth it. (now if i could only get them to sign waivers that THIS never changes!)

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